Toddler found 25km from home after solo bus ride

A four year-old boy has been recovered safe and sound in Denmark after embarking on a 25km bus trip all by himself. The tenacious tot was reported missing on Sunday afternoon after he jumped on a bus from Slangerup to Roskilde while his mother’s back was turned.

The toddler was thought to be playing outside his house at around midday when he apparently wondered to a bus stop in Slangerup and boarded a service to Roskilde. His mother reported him missing 25 minutes later, and fearing the worst, police searched the immediate area and a nearby stream.

However, just 20 minutes later the boy was tracked down after the bus driver noticed the underage voyager when reaching his final destination.

The boy was apparently completely unaffected by his escapade and more than happy eating sweets and playing computer games at the police station until his mother arrived to escort him on the return journey.

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