Unpatriotic Swede seeks asylum in Denmark

A disgruntled Swede has sought asylum in Denmark, after claiming he “couldn’t stomach” the people in his homeland any longer. According to Politiken, life in Sweden got too much for the man, who skipped the country in search of a better existence elsewhere.

“He turned up at the council offices in Sonderborg after arriving there by train. I’m not quite sure of the deeper reasons for him seeking asylum, but he said he couldn’t stomach Swedes,” said Peter Andersen of the Foreigners Unit at Padborg on the Danish-German border. “Now he’s been sent to the Sandholm Camp and they’ll try to sort out the issue,” he added.

Anderson said he is sceptical about the Swede’s chances of being granted political asylum in Denmark, as he will have to prove that he has been politically persecuted by his own people, as opposed to just finding them annoying.

“Formally, everyone can seek asylum and [they] have to be taken seriously. But we probably know the result,” said Anderson in the Politiken report.

Even if he is denied asylum, police point out that the man, who became a Swedish citizen in 1998, is free to live in Denmark as an EU citizen.

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