Danish anglers hook record-breaking shark in Norway

The bragging of two Danish fishermen about the size of their catch can finally be confirmed, as they scoop the world record for the biggest shark hooked on a rod. Weighing in at 880 kilos and measuring four metres and 10 cm, the Somniosus microcephalus, also known as the Eqalussuaq or Greenland shark, was landed in Norway’s Bokna Fjord. The catch broke the previous record of a 775-kilo beast caught on a fishing rod.

According to NRK, it took Danes Per Jensen and Henrik Hansen 45 minutes to haul the monster out of the water in Rogaland Country, between Stavanger and Haugesund, after they lured it in with a potato sack packed with plaice. “It all went very well,” said Henrik Hansen.

The two men travelled to Bokna Fjord after receiving a tip-off about the particularly large fish residing in the area. Also known as sleeper, gurry, grey and ground shark, the Greenland shark can grow up to six metres long, according to Politiken.

As the shark’s flesh contains trimethylene oxide, which produces the same effect as severe drunkenness when digested, the pair will not be able to cook up their spoils just yet. The meat will have to go through a painstaking process of preparation before it can be eaten, but when finished it will be considered a delicacy in Iceland, and in Greenland, where the shark is closely linked to Inuit folklore.

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