Icelandair operates special flights to Glasgow

IcelandairOne of first airlines to fly into Glasgow with school groups whose return flights from Iceland had been cancelled due to volcanic eruption.

Icelandair is to be one of the first airlines flying into the UK following the countrywide grounding of flights due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland. Three special flights on the company’s Boeing 757 aircraft will be operated today, Friday 16th April, from Keflavik International to Glasgow airport. The first two, FI 430 and FI 432 are estimated to arrive in Glasgow at 17:05. The third, FI 434 is estimated to arrive at 19:05.

One of the main reasons for operating these three flights is to get about 600 UK passengers whose return flights from Iceland have been cancelled back home. Among those are several large school groups who were in Iceland for educational geography field trips.

Hjorvar Saeberg Hognason, General Manager – Icelandair UK said “We knew that we had several school groups in Iceland whose return flights had been cancelled due to the eruption. We were in touch with all of them and while they were in good spirits and even enjoying their extra time in Iceland, we knew their parents were anxious and wanted to get them home.” He added “Keflavik International airport has remained open as the volcano is not a threat to the Reykjavik area, so when we received the confirmation that flights from Iceland could operate safely to Glasgow, we arranged for three aircraft to transport passengers whose flights had been cancelled.”

Icelandair is one of Iceland’s longest established companies, connecting the world and Iceland for over 70 years. Visit or further information on the current flight schedule.

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