Norway analyses spy presence

CCTVThe Norwegian National Security Service (PST) has declared that some 19 countries have intelligence officers located across the country, with not all being there under true honest pretences.

PST claims that the majority of international intelligence officers are in the Norway to act as a liaison between the Nordic nation and their home countries to address the areas of international terrorism and weapons of mass destruction proliferation.

The Norway Post reports that PST does acknowledge that there are some intelligence officers stationed in Norway under false pretence, nominally in the guise of journalists, executives or diplomats. Such officers are usually stationed to deliberately to mislead others, recruit, garner information, exert influence or even undermine and sabotage internal activities for the advantage of a foreign state at Norway’s expense.

According to PST, there are several factors that make Norway an interesting base for overseas intelligence officers. The country has deep international political and, military and international involvement, has an advanced technological service and manages large natural resources. These all attract foreign intelligence interest, which was assessed by Norway as being at a high level over the past twelve months. Norwegian interests abroad have also faced increased exposure during 2009 claims PST.