Some Icelandic students take too much

krónurIcelandic university students have claimed around 300 million kronur in unemployment benefits.

345 university students who are eligible for loan benefits were registered as being unemployed during the last school semester and claimed unemployment benefits despite not having the right to do so. This information came to light when the student register list was compared against information regarding those who receive unemployment benefits.

According to it is believed that the students have claimed around 300 million kronur from unemployment insurance last year. Some of the students got a benefit amount according to their former salary, which the unemployed population receive for the first month after being made redundant. Others received the standard amount of ISK 149,000 per month.

It has also been revealed that some students who registered themselves as being unemployed last summer continued to sign on and receive benefits even after beginning their studies again in the autumn. These students received unemployment benefits, which is on average ISK 110,000 per month for people who do not have access to full privileges in the labour market. Simple student support loans on the other hand are ISK 100,600 per month according to regulations applied by the Icelandic Student Loan Fund (LÍN).

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