Dane did not pass gas: wife happy

internetAccording to an article currently being circulated around the internet, a 30-year old Danish man was the unfortunate sufferer of a terrifying accident recently.

Apparently the man, who claimed to be unconscious at the time, was in the process of having a mole removed from one of his buttocks with an electric scalpel, when a bodily eructation escaped. The passing of wind, containing methane gas, then ignited a spark which set ablaze his genitals which were liberally coated in surgical spirit.

Reports claim that the man is suing the hospital over what was deemed an ‘unfortunate accident’, claiming that in addition to the obvious pain and embarrassment, he was unable to have sex with his wife.

The news, which has become somewhat of an internet phenomenon, has sparked widespread mirth and an interesting array of reader comments online. However, to the great disappointment of many, the story has been decried as a hoax by medical experts, having first appeared on several sites back in 2004.

While an additional report from 2002 claimed a similar scrotal blaze, it was again mysteriously circulated in 2006. None of the details in any of these reports were ever verified with the surgeon.

A look at some medical facts reveals the likelihood of the fire occurring to be extremely slim. Firstly, the presence of methane is miniscule, with most releases being comprised mainly of oxygen and nitrogen, not known for their ability to alight. Also, surgical spirits are made in such a way that any ignition would be vaporised almost instantaneously, meaning the man should have been able to continue his relationship with his wife unencumbered by burns. The likelihood of any hospital placing a man under general anaesthetic for a mole removal also seems unorthodox.

Regardless of authenticity, any further research on the part of readers is strongly discouraged.

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