Two Stockholm teens murder peer

justiceThe June murder of a 15 year-old girl in a wooded area near the Stockholm suburb of Stureby has been officially attributed to her two teen friends over a lovers’ quarrel.

The court judged that a 16 year-old boy killed the girl by pressing a tree branch with his knee and hands against her throat until she died. He also kicked her body for some reason. Also involved was the 16 year-old girlfriend of the boy who gave him the ultimatum of murdering the victim or getting dumped.

The 16 year-old female defendant was charged with incitement to murder after it was revealed she sent numerous text messages to the boy claiming she would break up with him if he did not murder the 15 year-old, who apparently was also involved in a relationship with him.

Although the boy pleaded guilty to manslaughter, the girl has denied the charges, according to The Local. She testified that she thought the text messages were just “a game”, never believing her boyfriend would actually kill the other girl.

“I told him that we would be together again if he did it, but I only said it because I never thought he would actually do it,” the girl stated during the preliminary investigation, which has now been made public. Apparently she underestimated the devotion of her boyfriend.

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