Used cars from Iceland go on sale

Nordic car saleA new website has opened today to allow the export of high quality used cars from Iceland.

Following various stories (including on IceNews) on the possibility of Iceland selling its surplus of second hand cars at low prices overseas, one of the country’s biggest and oldest car dealerships has today opened an English language website for foreign clients.

In light of recent turmoil in the Icelandic economy, with the Icelandic Krona dropping by as much as 70 percent in one year, it is now possible to buy ‘dream cars’ in Iceland at prices lower than in other countries.

HEKLA Icelandic used cars’ homepage allows users to search a database of 600 used vehicles and have HEKLA organise the shipping at no extra cost.

HEKLA is probably the single best-known car importer and dealer in Iceland, and has been in business for over 75 years. The company is the exclusive importer of Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Mitsubishi in Iceland. Over the last week HEKLA has exported used vehicles to the Faroe Islands, Norway, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

Used car sales started earlier today on for both bulk buying professionals and private customers.

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