Arctic waters reveal natural slimming aid

LiposanA natural product for weight loss has been developed in Siglufjordur off the north coast of Iceland. LipoSan Ultra is a unique dietary supplement made from crustaceans which live in the arctic waters of the North Atlantic.

The slimming aid uses chitosan, a natural dietary fibre found in the shells of North Atlantic Coldwater Shrimp (Pandalus Borealis). A by-product of the food industry, the chitosan is modified to improve its fat binding performance and solubility in the human digestive system.

Production begins with basic chitosan which is then combined with succinic acid to produce a highly integrated organic acid/fibre matrix that is easily digestible in less than 5 minutes. This is in comparison to regular chitosan which can take upwards of 2 hours to dissolve in the human digestive system.

Clinically proven to reduce body weight in humans, LipoSan Ultra is expected to appeal to consumers looking for an alternative and natural weight loss solution.

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