Café Paris sounds great in Reykjavik

parisReykjavik’s Café Paris will be dishing out strong musical sounds along with servings of hot chocolate and coffee as the establishment recently installed d&b audio equipment, according to reports on lsi online.

The new café is located in the Kringlan shopping mall which is located in the same area as the Reykjavik City theatre.

Gudmundur Finnsson of Pfaff Iceland installed the sound system on location and noted that the same system is in use in other Café Paris locations around Iceland.

“The downtown site has been open for two years and is well used,” said Finnsson, “This new bar at Kringlan uses the exact same system based on Ci80 loudspeakers with a Ci7 subwoofer. The café has its own computer based music playback system, and visiting DJs obviously bring their input devices with them.”

The owner of Café Paris, Gretar Ingi Berndsen, decided to go with d&b audio for a number of reasons including the ability for artists to easily plug into the system.

“It’s also not unknown for live acts to appear here, though space is limited; capacity is 116, so this tends to be one person with a guitar type of acts; but that’s another attraction, whatever the input source this system always sounds really musical,” said Finnsson.

D&b audiotechnik builds integrated sound reinforcement systems and provides training and installation for their range of sound products. The company was founded in 1981 and has offices in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, the UK, the USA and Scandinavia.