New Scandinavian flights offered by airBaltic

AirBalticThis summer, Scandinavian travellers will have a few more choices when it comes to airlines, as airBaltic is expanding its routes and extending into regional centres across Scandinavia. According to Easier Travel, the Latvian carrier will soon be flying into Bilund, Denmark, Ålesund, Norway and Kuopio, Finland.

The summer schedule will kick off on April 17th with the first flight from Riga to Kuopio. The new flights to Norway will debut on April 20th and the flights to Bilund will commence on May 1st.

Bertolt Flick, the President and CEO of airBaltic, said, “Over the last several years airBaltic has worked very successfully in developing routes to capital cities. Now the time has come to focus on regional centres in Scandinavia, to make use of the potential of travellers in those regions, too.”

The airline is offering nonstop flights to Kuopio three times a week. The flights will take approximately two hours and five minutes. Flights to Bilund will operate twice a week and will take just under two hours. Twice-weekly flights will also be available to Norway which last just over two hours.

AirBaltic was founded in 1995 and is based in Riga, Latvia. The airline has a hub in Vilnius, Lithuania and is the largest airline at that airport. The airline is a joint venture between the government of Latvia and Scandinavian Airlines Systems (SAS).