Cut-price HD players hit Iceland for Christmas

Two companies, SENA and Myndform, will be distributing HD VMD (High Definition Versatile Multilayer Disc) films and player packages in time for Christmas, after signing a contract with New Medium Enterprises (NME). SENA is one of the largest entertainment companies in Iceland and Myndform is currently the sole distributor of New Line Cinema products.

NME plans to release a Christmas bundle box with each company including the company’s high definition 1080p HD VMD Player and five HD VMD titles. SENA will be offering Apocalytpo, We Were Soldiers, The Hitcher, Spy Kids and Scary Movie in their bundle boxes while Myndform will be selling Lucky Number Slevin, Saw I & II, and Butterfly Effect II. Boxes from both companies will be on sale for 16,999 ISK (USD$283).

The agreement between NME and SENA and Myndform will allow NME to make HD available to residents of Iceland in an affordable and accessible way. The boxes, along with other products will be on sale at major retail outlets throughout Iceland as well as online on and through the website of NME.

“The HD VMD format is the only affordable High Definition solution for both the independent distributors and the consumer today. The quality and the price point of the hardware means more volume on sales for software,” says Gunnar Gunnarsson, President of Myndform. “A perfect solution for people looking for the HD Home theatre experience that one can afford”