Iceland deports Hells Angels

Police at Keflavik International Airport in Iceland denied entry to eight members of the motorcycle club known as the Hells Angels on Friday. The bikers were detained in the airport overnight and escorted by police out of the country the following day.

A local news report said that two of the Hells Angels members were traveling with their wives. Police would have allowed the two women entry into Iceland, however the women declined and left with their husbands.

Local police considered the Hells Angels members to be a threat to national security due to their history of crime and violence. Some of the members have committed crimes relating to trading illegal substances, violent behaviour and blackmail.

The National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police said no member of the group asked for legal assistance while detained.

According to a lawyer working for Opus, Oddgeir Einarsson, someone contacted his firm on Friday about the case. He says that he was restricted from meeting the detainees, however.

It was presumed that the Hells Angels were visiting Iceland in order to participate in the Icelandic motorcycle club Fafnir’s celebration of its 11th anniversary. Police have already raided Fafnir headquarters last Thursday where they confiscated illegal weapons and drugs.

The raid led Minister of Justice Björn Bjarnason to request that Iceland tighten the security at its borders, particularly at Keflavik Airport. The newspaper claims that security officials were prepared to arrest and deport any member of Hells Angels trying to enter the country regardless of whether they had a criminal record or not.

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