Glitnir sponsors 2007 Oslo Marathon

Nordic financial group Glitnir will be the main sponsor of the annual Glitnir Oslo Marathon taking place September 30th 2007. The sponsorship comes on the back of a marketing drive to raise the profile of the fast-expanding financial group in Norway.

With its origins in Iceland, Glitnir first appeared in Norwegian banking in 2004 and has since grown rapidly with its acquisitions of Kredittbanken (now Glitnir Bank ASA), BNbank, Norse Securities (now Glitnir Securities), FactoNor (now Glitnir Factoring) and UNION Norsk Næringsmegling (now Glitnir Property Group). Glitnir now classes both Iceland and Norway as its two home-markets and is keen to promote itself as a fast, easy-to-work-with bank that has specialist bankers in key industry sectors.

Glitnir is unusual in that it offers a combination of global scale industry and banking expertise in three market segments; sustainable energy, offshore service vessels and the seafood industry. A main target for Glitnir’s Norwegian campaign is the major fishing and shipping hub around Aalesund in West Norway, as well as the capital region around Oslo. In Norway, real estate comprises an additional area of expertise for the group.

Glitnir has a considerable track record in providing finance for niche sector projects. Recently Glitnir helped launch Copeinca, one of the largest fishmeal and fish oil producers in Peru, as the first foreign fishing company on the Oslo Stock Exchange and in 2005 it financed the world’s biggest district geothermal heating utility in China.

Glitnir was the main sponsor of the Glitnir Copenhagen Marathon in May as part of a similar brand-boosting exercise in Denmark and will be sponsoring the Glitnir Reykjavik Marathon in Iceland on 18th August. Glitnir has offices in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the UK, Luxembourg, Russia, Canada and China, and is soon to open one in New York.

For further details on the Glitnir Oslo Marathon visit

See Glitnir‘s website for more information on finance for the seafood industry, sustainable energy and offshore service vessels.

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