Icelandair introduces new pricing system

Icelandair has recently introduced a new simpler system of pricing flights. The new fare structure allows passengers to book one way flights as well as choosing which fare catagory they fly.

Icelandair offer five categories of airfare; Saga, Economy Flex, Economy, Best Price and Special Offer. Passengers will be able to combine fares to travel out in one category and return in another.

The highest level of service with the most ticket flexibility is offered through the Saga category. Icelandair Saga Class passengers have priority check in, first seat selection and access to the airport lounge. Saga passengers have an additional baggage allowance and can more easily change or cancel their ticket than other fare categories. In addition, Saga passengers receive four times the Icelandair Frequent Flyer points than the lowest economy fare passengers.

Economy Flex passengers get double the Frequent Flyer points and have equally flexible cancellation and itinerary change policies on their ticket. Economy passengers pay a small fee for changes and cancellations and are awarded 25 per cent more Frequent Flyer miles.

Finally, the Best Price or Special Offer tickets, while providing the lowest possible airfare, offer less flexibility to make changes and cancellations and only offer standard Frequent Flyer points.

The new fares structure and one-way booking option will be adopted in every country that Icelandair serves.

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