Two injured in fight in downtown Reykjavik

Two men were attacked last week by a group of four men in downtown Reykjavik and sustained serious injuries. One of the men is receiving ongoing treatment for head trauma while the other was treated for a broken ankle and rib, but has since been sent home from hospital.

Gudni Kristjánsson was one of the victims. While he is planning to file a lawsuit against his attackers, he cautions the general public about the dangers of being on the street at night. “I think people should be careful about going downtown after 4 am to avoid the gangs there,” he said.

The attack started on Bankastraeti, one of the main streets in Reykjavik. “One of the group members was the leader and suddenly he was trying to kick me,” Kristjánsson said. When I tried to defend myself the others joined in.”

Kristjánsson doesn’t remember much of what happened after that but recalls the men starting to attack his colleague. He also remembered coming around on Austurstraeti and being asked if he was? okay by a couple of passers by.

“I asked them to talk to the police, but I don’t know how much they witnessed,” Kristjánsson said.

Kristjánsson said that the four men were between the ages of 20 and 25. Before the fight started, the men had been threatening him and his friend, talking about how they knew karate.? “They had obviously been looking for a fight,” Kristjánsson concluded.