Safn Gallery displays two new exhibitions

Iceland may be known to many as the land of fire and ice, but it is also a land of excellent art installations. Two new exhibitions recently opened in Reykjavik? by international artists Jennifer Tee and Tumi Magnússon.

Although she lives in Amsterdam, Jennifer Tee’s work is influenced by her Dutch-Chinese roots. Her art work often explores different nationalities and makes connections between the traditions of the West and those of the Far East. Tee works in a number of mediums from installation art, to sculpture, to photographs and text. She studied most recently at the Rietveld Academy, the Sandberg Institute and the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. Her work has been shown in the United States, China, Italy, Austria and Germany.

Tumi Magnússon is a native of Iceland who lives in Copenhagen. He works as a professor at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, specialising in painting. Magnússon’s work in the past has explored the hues and colors of liquids, painting with a technique which minimises the visibility of brushstrokes. He is also known for his magnified monochrome photographs which use enlargement and perspective in order to change mundane objects into abstract objects of mystery.

Both Tumi Magnússon and Jennifer Tee will have their work on display at the Safn modern art gallery in downtown Reykjavik until August 26th.

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