Jonas Gahr Støre The Prime Minister of Norway loves the Icelandic Swimming pools

Jonas Gahr Støre, The Prime Minister of Norway, loves the Icelandic Swimming pools

During a recent interview with the Norwegian Public Broadcaster NRK, Prime Minister of Norway, Jonas Gahr Støre, shared his admiration for the hot tub at Sundhöll Reykjavík. While discussing Ukraine and Europe, he mentioned that he enjoys swimming whenever he visits Iceland.

“I always try to come here when I’m in Iceland. It is an Icelandic custom to come to these baths. For Norway, Iceland is a unique country. There is something about the fact that they speak the same language we spoke hundreds of years ago. I always get a warm feeling,” said the Prime Minister, pointing to the warm water, “when I’m here.”

You can find the interview on the Norwegian public broadcaster, NRK (In Norwegian)