Stefan Löfven to finally step down as Sweden’s Prime Minister

After a turbulent year, Stefan Löfven has finally decided to step down as Sweden’s Prime Minister, becoming the first Swedish leader ever to lose a motion in parliament.

Speaking on Sunday during his annual summer speech, Löfven said that he would step down as the head of the Social Democratic Party in November, marking seven years of being in office. During the speech, he explained, “that I want to leave my position as party chair at the party congress in November and then also ask to be dismissed as Prime Minister.” Following up by stating, “everything has an end, and I want to give my successor the very best conditions.”

As it stands, it’s not 100 percent clear who is set to replace Löfven. Still, it is rumored that Finance Minister, Magdalena Andersson, is a possible candidate, notes Swedish news agency TT.

A new Social Democratic Party leader will be elected during the party congress between 3th and 7th November, with that person being confirmed as Prime Minister by Sweden’s parliament, according to the country’s constitution.

This wasn’t the first time Löfven resigned in 2021. Earlier this year, Löfven left after losing a vote of confidence and called on Sweden’s parliamentary speaker to try to form a new government rather than holding an early election. Löfven was able to create a two-party coalition government that was the same as the previous one.