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Stefan Löfven: Swedish Prime Minister resigns

Today, Sweden’s Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, has announced his resignation after receiving a vote of no-confidence last week.

Löfven had a deadline of midnight tonight to announce his decision to resign or hold a snap election. At the press conference announcing his resignation, Löfven stated, “This is the most difficult political decision I have taken.”

Löfven explained that his decision was based on a choice that was “in Sweden’s best interest”, avoiding a snap election during the ongoing pandemic.

The next step is a series of talks between the country’s political parties and the parliament speaker to form a government that can command a parliamentary majority. At the moment, it’s unclear how things will work out, but the position could go to a member of the opposition or Stefan Löfven being re-appointed.

If a parliamentary majority isn’t achieved, fresh elections will be needed to take place.