WARNING – The storm is moving to east Iceland!

The storm that has been battering Iceland in the last couple of days is expected to hit the east of the country today, Thursday. Ranging from Vopnafjord to Hofn there are questionable driving conditions with strong winds (more than 20 m/s) and heavy rain so travellers are strongly advised to check conditions before traveling.

The storm battered the south west, and the capital area yesterday with some damage and it was a busy day for police and the SAR (Search and Rescue) teams, as roofs were blown of houses and people found them self in trouble because of the weather. A person could hadly walk upright yesterday in the strongest gusts.

Thunder and lightning even struck in Reykjavík – an unusual weather phenomenon in Iceland as they require the friction of warm and cool air.

The storm travelled over the island during the night and the people of the east will feel it today with gusto. In the rest of the country much calmer winds are expected with occasional showers today. The strong wind and precipitation in the east is expected to calm down tonight. Tomorrow will see a calmer southwesterly wind, 8-15 m/s in the afternoon in western part of Iceland with some wet snow and later on rain.

If traveling in the east today, show extreme caution and consult Safe Travel, The Icelandic Met office and the road monitoring Vegagerdin. The best way to get information about road conditions and the weather on the road system is to call 1777 or +354 522 1100 if 1777 is unreachable. Someone is on the line giving updated information between 6:30-22.00 during winter. An English answering machine with information about road conditions 1778.