Reynisfjara beach

WARNING – Dangerous surf and strong currents on the south coast. Storm warning in Iceland

The office of the south district police in Iceland has issued a strong warning to tourists and travel organizers  to be aware when enjoying the scenic coasts of Reynisfjara and Dyrholaey in the coming days. The surf in Reynisfjara is extremely volatile and precarious and has claimed many lives. People seem unaware of the danger when visiting these shores, despite stern warning signs. The surf might seem innocent so people want to venture close to the sea and play on the edge of the surf, but every eighth or so wave is huge and can easily snatch an adult and carry out to see in an instant, as recent events have shown. The surf and ocean currents are even stronger than normal these days. People are asked to show extreme caution and not to venture close to the sea line. In addition to the police, the Icelandic Met Office and Safe travel, a webpage managed by ICE SAR (Search and Rescue), has issued a warning as well.

The warning sign in Reynisfjara

Kirkjufjara, next to Reynisfjara, clamed a life of a German tourist in January

There is also a strong storm warning in all Iceland. Very strong wind gusts tonight and tomorrow, especially in west Iceland. People are directed to drive slow, and particularly slow down when driving by mountains like Esja, Hafnarfjall, Eyjafjöll and in Snæfellsnes peninsula as the wind escalates and multiplies next to mountains. Please be advised before traveling, look at the website of and and the Icelandic road company before making a decision to venture out.