Anita Hinriksdottir

Anita Hinriksdottir – Iceland national record set at the Rio Olympics

Anita Hinriksdottir set a new Iceland national record for in woman’s 800m-distance run in the Rio Olympics yesterday. Hinriksdottir landed in 6th place in her group. Although her record was not enough to insure her a place in the finals, she can be proud of her accomplishments. “She ran an amazing run, one couldn’t ask for more” RUV’s commentator Sigurbjorn Arni Arngrimsson said after describing the run live. “Hinriksdottir’s group was very fast”.

Eight contesters competed for Iceland in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Swimmers Hrafnhildur Luthersdottir and Eyglo Osk Gustafsdottir had the best results, they both made the finals as reported by IceNews.

Anita Hinriksdottir is an accomplished young athlete born in Reykjavik on 13th of January 1996. She has held the Iceland national record in the 800m of 2:00.49, and placed 4th in the women’s 800m at the 2012 World Junior Championships in Athletics. On 14 July 2013 Hinriksdottir won the 800 meters 2013 World Youth Championships in Athletics in Donetsk, Ukraine. On 20 July 2013 she won the 800 meters at the 2013 European Junior Championships in Athletics according to Wikipedia.