Eurovision organisers faced with potential multi-million kroner fine

Eurovision organisers faced with potential multi-million kroner fineThe organiser’s of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Denmark, Projektselskabet, could be facing a 10m euro fine because it found subcontractors for the event without making requests for tender.

Copenhagen University law professor Sune Troels Poulsen said this was a clear indication that Projektselskabet breached the rules and acted against the law, adding that the situation “doesn’t look pretty” for the company.

EU law expert Peter Vesterdorf said that the company could end up having to pay fines of as much as 10m kroner. He commented that the way they have acted must either have to be put down to “enormous cheek or incomprehensible stupidity”, adding that he had never seen the rules being ignored in such a big way.

Dansk Folkeparti now wants all the chiefs at Projektselskabet to step down from their positions. The party’s Kenneth Kristensen described the situation as “completely unacceptable” and said that that trust in the companies has disappeared.

Projektselskabet have since responded by stating that if any mistakes were made in how the project was administered, it is regrettable and an investigation should be carried out.