Greenland records its hottest ever June day


Greenland has recorded its hottest day ever recorded in June after enjoying unusually warm temperatures this summer.

National weather institute DMI said that the highest temperature was recorded in Kangerlussuaq, southwestern Greenland, on 15 June. The temperature of 23.2C was just 0.1C higher than the 23.1C that was recorded in both 1988 and 2002.

DMI Greenland’s Frank Nielsen noted that temperatures in Kangerlussuaq during the summer months were always warm, but this year there was a lot of hot air above all of Greenland so the town experienced even higher temperatures than normal.

Hot air from Canada and Newfoundland has led to temperatures rising in the Arctic. Nielsen explained that it normally gets warmer in the areas where the ice is melting, so there is the potential for more high temperatures in the months and years ahead.

Kangerlussuaq residents are no strangers to extreme weather conditions, with the town’s highest ever measured temperature of 25.5C being recorded in July 1990. Its lowest temperature of -52.1C was measured in January 1989