Cannabis farms on the rise in southern Sweden


Around 20 cannabis farms have been discovered in the Soderasen region of southern Sweden over the past 12 months, with youth workers claiming that the area was is now “self-sufficient”.

In the Soderasen area, in northwest Skane, almost every small town has a cannabis farm, in what local youth workers are referring to as a new trend.

Mathias Loow, from the youth and drugs group in Soderasen, said that he would guess the area was now self-sufficient in cannabis. He revealed that many growers do so for personal use but others do it to sell it. He went on to say that, due to the fact it was a remote area, it was much easier to evade the authorities.

Loow opined that, although cannabis in all quantities is illegal in Sweden, the increase in the number of home-grown farmers was down to the easy access of online information and the relaxed attitudes young people have towards life these days.

However, youth groups and police are working together and are hopeful they can reduce production through successful information campaigns on the drug. Loow added that the simple fact is that smoking weed makes you stupid.