Danes want smokers to pay for smoking breaks

Danes want smokers to pay for smoking breaks

More than half of Danish workers believe that their smoking co-workers should not be allowed paid smoking breaks, revealed a new survey.

The results of the survey, carried out by Norstad for business support group Dansk Erhverv, arrived just months after telecommunications firm TDC revealed that it was to start docking workers’ pay if they smoked during contracted working hours.

Dansk Erhverv’s head of HR, Rikke B Orum, said that it was clear workers were now more aware about how much working time smokers miss by going for a cigarette, and that it had affected tolerance levels for smoking breaks.

Lifestyle expert Henrik Byager claimed the negative attitude towards smokers that has developed in recent years was now being seen in workplaces. He noted that the days of smokers enjoying a quick cigarette in front of their place of work would soon be gone too. He pointed out that non-smokers have a “zero-tolerance” view on smoking these days because it is so damaging to the health.

Local union organisation LO said, however, that it was necessary for employers to ensure workplace regulations on smoking were clearly in place to avoid conflict.