HB Grandi report good-sized mackerel catch

Fish plentyIcelandic fish production firm HB Grandi has reported that its most recent catch included good-sized mackerel. The skipper of the company’s Lundey NS vessel, Arnþór Hjörleifsson, explained that the conditions forced them north towards the Héraðsflói Deeps and they were able to get one haul on 30 August.

He said they could have had a larger haul but the catch composition of 80 per cent mackerel and 20 per cent herring was good, particularly as the size of mackerel was excellent.

Lundey had previously been fishing south of Hornafjörður fjord, but when conditions worsened the skipper decided that they should exercise caution to ensure the fish were preserved from any damage, so they headed to an area away from the worst weather.

Arnþór Hjörleifsson explained that the conditions were reasonable when the first arrived at the Héraðsflói Deeps, but then began to worsen again. The vessel has 450 tonnes in its tanks, predominantly mackerel as well as a small catch of herring.

Meanwhile, of the other vessels, Ingunn headed to Vopnafjörður on Sunday following a successful catch south of Hornafjörður which saw 600 tonnes of mackerel hauled. Faxi RE is still at sea in the Hornafjörður area, but its captain Albert Sveinsson said when they arrived at the weekend it wasn’t fishing weather.