Iceland population to grow due to net migration

iceland-flagIceland’s population is expected to climb to between 430,000 and 490,000 by the year 2060, according to new estimates from Statistics Iceland.

The statistic agency’s population projection shows that the majority of the increase will be down to the country’s high net migration figures. The current population of the North Atlantic nation is just below 322,000.

The new projection shows that the average life span among men and women will continue to increase between 2013 and 2060, and the figures are based on each woman having an average of two children.

Statistics Iceland predicts that the net migration will remain positive throughout the duration of the period, up until the year 2061. The statisticians based their figures on migration trends as well as external variables including unemployment, GDP and number of graduates to make their short-term projection up to 2017. They used this data to work out the migration of Icelandic citizens and foreign nationals during this period.

For the remaining years until 2060, they have assumed to value of net migration to be constant.

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