Demand for hunting licences on the rise

Hunting in Sweden appears more popular than ever, with 10,000 new hunters applying for a licence this year.

As autumn continues, many Swedes are polishing their guns and heading for the woods in the hope of bagging and elk or a deer. This year has seen a 10 percent increase in those taking their hunting certificate tests compared to 2010.

The hunting dates for various animals differ across the country, but in the south the first day of the elk stalking season is commonly the second Monday of October. Chasing deer usually happens between 1st October and 31st January, while those wanting a grouse for the pot can hunt the birds for three months following 25th August.

Regulations on who can hunt in Sweden remain relatively tight. Hunters have to be over the age of 18, have a licence for their weapon and own a certificate which proves that they have passed their hunting exam. There are numerous courses across the country and this year could see as many as 10,000 new aficionados of the sport venturing out into the wilderness.

The hunting test involves proving oneself on an actual hunt and showing a good knowledge of the regulations as well as how to handle a gun properly. There are courses which teach newcomers how to track different animals and the laws governing the killings.

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