Sweden expels ‘Gaddafi diplomats’

Two Libyan diplomatic officials accused of spying on their countrymen have been expelled from Sweden, allegedly confirming the country’s intention to cut all ties with the Gaddafi regime.

On Thursday, Anders Jorle said to TV4 reporters on behalf of the foreign ministry, “We’ve observed that both men’s activities are in conflict with our regulations and we have therefore asked them to leave the country.”

Despite his comments, Mr Jorle offered no explanation as to the nature of the activities he was referring to.
Meanwhile, the Libyan Association in Stockholm has continued to accuse the two individuals of co-operating with Libyan secret police and the Gaddafi regime. The group’s vice chairman, Abubakir Helmi Alnadori, said to TV4, “We’re happy that Sweden’s government has now reacted and expelled these men. That shows they have tangible evidence for what we’ve suspected the entire time.”

The group believes that the two had been coordinating with Tripoli and providing information on exiled Libyan nationals residing in Sweden.

Mr Jorle said on Thursday, “For the moment, we don’t believe there are any representatives for Libya in Sweden – and therefore it no longer has any diplomatic ties.”

The news follows the EU’s announcement on 10th May that Libya’s government under Colonel Gaddafi would no longer be recognised by its member states.