Mystery man identified by Serbian sister

A mystery man who appeared in Amager, Denmark last month has finally been identified by police after his Serbian sister recognised a picture of him online. The 29 year-old, who is now known to be called Elvir, was found under the Langebro Bridge five weeks ago, whispering only the words “missing person”.

After parading pictures of the man and his unfinished Copenhagen FC tattoo around the area where he was found, Danish police have been baffled as to the man’s identity until now. They were this week, however, contacted by authorities in Serbia who said the man’s sister had been in touch.

“She had not heard from her brother for a long time, so she started looking for him online,” said police superintendent Erik Roraek Petersen in a report by The Copenhagen Post. “She came across a picture of him. She contacted the local authorities in Serbia and that’s how we found the man’s identity,” he added.

“He’s just a regular person. We have no reason to think there is anything unusual or criminal about him. We have no explanation as to the wheres and whys, and we’re not likely to ever find out. I guess we’ll just have to live with that,” said Petersen.

Elvir, who is now residing in a psychiatric drop-in centre in Amager, has, however, fuelled the suspicions of many officers due to his practically silent nature. “When we found him, he was in need of care, and it was difficult to communicate with him,” Petersen said last week. “As I see it, he’s just toying with us. It looks like he’s having fun doing this and I don’t think that’s acceptable,” he added.

Elvir will be sent back to Serbia once the paper work has been processed.