Elderly man lay dead for three years?

An elderly man found dead in his southern Stockholm apartment last week may have passed away over three years ago, according to police. He was found in an advanced stage of decay when internet technicians discovered that the door to his Tumba flat was unlocked last Wednesday.

“Two men went into the apartment and found the man dead. They called me and we discovered that he had lain there a while,” project leader Thomas Martinsson told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

While the exact time of death has not yet been accurately pin-pointed, food dated from early 2008 was found in the fridge and mail from as early as 2007 was piled up in front of the door. The man, however, continued to receive his pension directly into his bank account over the years and paid all his bills by direct debit.

The man, who was born in 1928, is also thought to have a living son. “He lived alone but there are relatives. But they obviously had no contact,” Asa Johannesson from Flemingsberg Police said. “It’s very tragic,” he added. He also confirmed that there is currently no suspicion of foul play, The Local reports.