Norwegian funny man aims to be last stand-up standing

A Norwegian comedian is attempting to break a world record by performing a solo stand-up show for more than 38 hours and six minutes. Hans Morten Hansen, 46, from Stavanger, will be attempting the side-splitting slog during the Oslo Comedy Festival, which started this Wednesday. The current record is held by Australian Lindsay Webb, who beat the previous holder, Irishman Tommy Tiernan’s 36 hours and 15 minutes attempt, by one hour and 51 minutes.

“It all started as a challenge, and I was dismayed when I found out how long Tommy and Lindsay had managed,” said Hansen in an interview with The Irish Times. “I read up about Tommy’s record-breaking attempt online and was very impressed by what he did. I think the key here is to have an audience there to support you, and to use the five-minute breaks you’re allowed each hour wisely so that I don’t fall asleep during the middle of it.”

Hansen’s endeavour will be closely monitored by fellow stand-up comedian Jonas Kinge, along with members of the public who will be invited to comment on the Norwegian’s performance as it is streamed live over the internet. Hansen says he is also hoping to draw inspiration from the festival crowd, just in case he runs out of material from his two separate tours this year.

“Fortunately, you are allowed to repeat yourself, which is a relief because I’m not sure if it is humanly possible for a comedian to perform fresh material for so long,” he said. “In terms of preparation I was hoping to get plenty of sleep before the event, but unfortunately that’s no longer an option because the kindergarten that my son goes to will be closed on Monday and Tuesday so I will have to spend the days with him – and he can be quite a handful,” he added before the festival.