Christmas comes early to Copenhagen as Santas invade the city

Those who wish it could be Christmas every day will feel at home in Denmark this month, as the annual World Santa Claus Congress opens in Copenhagen. Despite the mild weather, residents are being reminded by Santas of all shapes, sizes and nationalities that it is always the season to be jolly.

The congress opened on Monday at Bakken fun fair in Klampenborg. Now in its 52nd year, the tradition was first started in1958 by an entertainer by the name of Professor Tribini who wanted to celebrate Christmas more than once a year.

More than 100 Santas from the US, Father Christmases from the UK, Papá Noels from Spain, Shengdan Laorens from China and Julemaends from Denmark are expected at the event, along with little helpers from across the globe. The bearded belly-shakers will spread Christmas cheer among Denmark’s disadvantaged children in between the official items on the agenda.

Issues up for debate this year include who has been naughty or nice so far, and where Santa really comes from. The official date for Christmas 2010 will also be set during the congress, although no one is expecting any surprises there.

According to the Copenhagen Post, the christening of Nico Laus Jamrath, whose parents Sine and Rune were married at last year‘s event, will also be a cause for celebration. The congress will run until July 21.