Swedish couple fined for faking sex

oh-noA Swedish couple from the capital Stockholm have been fined in a district court under charges of disorderly conduct relating to their simulation of sexual intercourse on their apartment patio.

The Local has reported that the pretend- amorous couple were ordered to pay SEK 800 (USD 112) by the Stockholm District Court following a neighbourly dispute which led to the arms of each other being replaced by the long arm of the law being the only one providing the passionate embrace.

In making their case to the court, the couple admitted that they pretended to have sex on the balcony of their Sodermalm apartment in central Stockholm in August last year as a deliberate ploy to provoke the family which lived next door. The pair claimed that their public sex-simulation was meant as a sort of punitive retribution against their neighbours who they argued hosted regular loud and raucous parties.

The ruling by the district court has therefore established a legal precedent that stipulates sexual interactions, be they real or make-believe, are now illegal under law from being practised on a patio or balcony, and that there are potential ramifications if such action is performed in the full view of one’s neighbours.

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