Finnish website calls for politician and immigrant murders

computers1An online hate website calling for the murder of immigrants and leading national politicians is under scrutiny from the Finnish National Bureau of Investigation, with early intelligence revealing that the Finnish-language site is administered by a notorious American neo-Nazi.

Though anonymous on the site, the author is under suspicion for the alleged legal threats and potential charges of inciting racial hatred towards an ethnic group. The website calls for the majority of the political leadership of Finland to be shot or hanged, including Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen and President Tarja Halonen. For their part in the promotion of multiculturalism, a further 50 Finns have been placed on the site’s hit list.

The website is registered under the name of American Gary Lauck, a leading neo-Nazi who rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s for his role in the smuggling of neo-Nazi literature from the US into Europe. YLE reports that Lauck took his agenda online after serving a prison sentence in Germany in the late 90s.

The National Bureau of Investigation’s Goran Wennqvist said that tracking down the administrator was difficult but that Finnish police officials have worked together with their US counterparts in the case. The collaboration is part of a wider crackdown on sites promoting intolerance–which has seen social media websites such as Facebook used increasingly for violent threats.

“The concept of freedom of speech is broader in the United States than in Finland. But to my knowledge, these types of direct threats are against the law there too,” said state prosecutor Mika Illman.

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