Swedish political party claims feminists have better sex

swedenThe feminist political party of Sweden has launched a new advertising campaign in time for Christmas which boldly features a logo boasting about its supporters’ bedroom prowess. The Feminist Initiative (FI) party’s new line of logo items proudly declare that “Feminists have better sex,” reports The Local.

Included among the newly launched shopping items are branded dish cloths which can be used to “wipe away those dusty old norms” along with badges that, when worn, could help raise members’ hopes of “snagging someone like-minded to spend the night with”. Also for sale are t-shirts and tote bags which also advertise the claims of superior sex amongst feminists.

“They make great gifts that can help generate a discussion about gender roles and the connection between equality and better sex,” said FI spokesperson Veronica Svard. The party is targeting Christmas shoppers in a bid to raise finances and party awareness ahead of next year’s parliamentary elections.

The declaration is based on a research project from the US which argues that evenly divided responsibilities amongst couples equates to a better sex life. “We want to let people know that gender equality and a better sex life are connected,” said Svard.

The FI party accompanied the launch with the announcement of a new Facebook group which offers a definition of the term ‘feminist’. “Feminists, both guys and girls, are all of us who see that there are injustices between the sexes in our society,” the party claims.

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