sold to America

usa-norwayThe Norwegian American Foundation (NAF) has purchased the website, with the site headquarters to be based in Seattle, Washington.

The NAF was founded in 2001 with the aim of promoting trade, culture, education, travel and heritage between the Nordic nation and over 5 million Americans who have Norwegian heritage. In the past decade, the NAF has developed into one of the leading voices in the US for news and events between the countries and also has close ties to the influential Friends of Norway Caucus in Washington DC. The current CEO is Consul Kim Nesselquist with the President of the Pacific Lutheran University, Dr. Loren Anderson, being the foundation’s chairman.

The plans to purchase the website were first laid when the NAF entered into a new partnership with the Norwegian-based Norse Federation of Oslo in 2004. The website has been run co-operatively by the two groups for the past five years.

On the 19th November 2009, the formal documents were signed over to the NAF giving it full control of the site. The site will be based in Seattle and operated from a range of NAF offices. Previous ties with the Norse Federation will continue in an effort to promote closer ties between the US and Norway.

The site will fall under the stewardship of Mr. Jake Moe, who has considerable experience in media, publishing, marketing and event production. Moe founded Powder Magazine in Idaho’s Sun Valley in 1971 and grew the publication into worldwide distribution. Moe, whose roots lie in Telemark and the Oslo area, is a proud Norwegian-American.

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