New Icesave agreement to be announced at 16.00 today (GMT)

icesave protestThe Icelandic government has been meeting this morning to talk again about the Icesave issue, since changes were made to the first agreement by the Icelandic parliament, representatives of the three governments (UK, Netherlands and Iceland) have been talking and now it seems there is some kind of an agreement to a final version.

According to IceNews sources and local news, changes have been made to the changes originally made by the Icelandic parliament last month. These changes are mainly such that Iceland takes on more responsibilities; but some middle ground has been found.

Prime minister Johanna Sigurdardottir, after meeting with the Icelandic finance committee, will introduce the agreement before giving it to the Icelandic parliament for review. According to, the government feels that they can get the back-up needed for this Icesave agreement.

“I am hopeful that this resolution will be acceptable to the parliament,” said Ossur Skarphedinsson, Minister for Foreign Affairs, when interviewed this morning by Reuters.

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