90 percent of Icelandic households with Internet access

Internet.ConnectionIn 2009, according to the eighth survey on the use of Information and Communications technology by Statistics Iceland (Hagstofa Islands) 92 percent of Icelandic households had a computer with 90 percent of them all having access to the Internet. Nearly all of the households with Internet access, the equivalent of 97 percent, had a high-speed broadband connection. The annual survey also reported that half of the households had at least two television sets – 48 percent, of which had a flat screen.

Statistics Iceland reported that computer and Internet usage is widespread among individuals, with 93 percent between the age of 16-74 having used a computer and the Internet within the last three months. Nine out of every 10 Internet users send emails, 78 percent read online newspapers or magazines, and 65 percent listen to the radio or watch the television through the Internet. Three quarters of the users also use an online banking service, 29 percent have bought products or used services, but only 14 percent have sold products or services through the Internet.

Since Statistics Iceland began the survey back in 2002, this year showed the first drop in the percentage of people involved in Internet commerce. Those who shop online are less likely to purchase travel tickets, accommodation, or other related travel services compared to previous years.

Mbl.is reports.

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