Danish fishers climb aboard world programme

codA landmark decision has seen Danish fishermen announce that they plan to adhere to internationally recognised standards for marine stewardship – thus ending years of wrongful catches and over fishing.

A spokesperson from that Danish Fishermen’s Association has declared that by 2012 all fish from its resources will meet certified standards as laid down by the Marine Stewardship Council.

WWF Denmark program manager for sustainable consumption, Espen Tind Nordberg claimed: “The Danish fishermen are now taking a huge step towards securing that Danish fisheries in the future will be sustainable,” adding that the announcement had been years in the waiting. “Now the fishermen deserve true recognition and support to implement their ambitious plan.”

According to the MSC’s standards, there are three Danish fisheries in the worldwide total of 52. The new changes would see that number increased tenfold as the Danish Fishermen’s Association pursues certification for more than 30 of its operations, a move which has been met with a positive response from the WWF.

The WWF has been promoting the MSC standards for some years as being the most environmentally sustainable option for producing seafood, and consumers and retailers have followed their lead in increasing demand for MSC certified catches.

According to its website the MSC is the world’s leading eco-labelling and certification organisation for sustainable seafood.

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