Danish Conservatives want to ban the burka in public

burka denmarkThe Muslim burka, or traditional Islamic dress that completely covers a woman’s face, is back in the headlines as the coalition Conservative Party wants to implement a total ban on the garb in public places. This move comes on the heels of the Danish Parliament’s decision to ban its military personnel from wearing the burka.

Conservative MP Naser Khader, the recently appointed integration spokesman for his party, didn’t mix his words when he commented “We don’t want to see burkas in Denmark. We simply can’t accept that some of our citizens walk around with their faces covered.”

Claiming the burka is un-Danish and oppresses women, Khader says it can’t be allowed in public. But naturally, Muslim women can do whatever they want in the privacy of their homes. When in public, however, their faces must be unveiled.

However, in Islam, women have a right and it is their choice to wear the burka, hijab, or any covering. It is strictly the women’s choice and no one elses. This then may not constitute to violating women’s rights but can at the same time offend many Muslims living in Denmark.

According to the Politiken, the Social Democratic Party and the Danish People’s Party also support the notion of a complete public ban. The senior coalition Liberal Party, however, has rejected the proposal. It doesn’t like the idea of imposing laws on people’s choice of clothing, unless they work for the government.

“It’s going too far if we start legislating on what sort of clothes people can and cannot wear. The burka and covered faces should not be allowed if you work with people in the public sector – but that is where we draw the line,” Liberal Political Spokesman Peter Christensen weighed in. So the debate begins.

See more at the Politiken.

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