Electric minibuses hit the streets of Copenhagen

Citycirkel-electric-busesA flashy new fleet of bright yellow electric minibuses has hit the narrow inner streets of Copenhagen to provide an eco-friendly form of transport in this historic city. The minibuses are operating along a new route created by Movia, the company in charge of the city’s public transportation.

The small buses can hold 20 passengers, and have been specially designed to cruise the city centre streets of Copenhagen that are not serviced by the regular bus service. There are currently 11 of the yellow buses that run on electric batteries and produce virtually no noise. They are charged each night at Movia’s garage.

The number 11 CityCirkel line was launched by Lord Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard. The buses depart at 7-minute intervals from popular stops such as Central Station, Kongens Nytorv Square, and Norreport Station. The entire route takes an hour to travel, following green dots along the pavement’s edge. Passengers wishing to ride need simply flag down a passing bus.

The tickets for the new route are the same as those used by the larger bus service, the Metro and the S-train. The mayor would love to see these electric buses become free to riders, but that will have to wait until the future. “I think these types of buses should be free and I think we should work on that. I’ll be pushing for it to become a free offer,” Bjerregaard said to the JP news agency.

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