Miscommunication costs Norwegian his life

first-aidTragedy struck a young Norwegian university student who was staying in Copenhagen when he was severely injured in a bar fight and was misunderstood at a local hospital. The resulting communication error ended up costing the 25 year-old man his life.

The Norwegian was smashed over the head with a glass at a bar in Copenhagen. After making his way to the city’s Rigshospitalet, the student tried to explain to hospital staff that he was a haemophiliac, according to the JP news agency. Unfortunately, the staff thought he said he was a homosexual, and sent him home without the specialist treatment he desperately needed.

The Danish word for haemophilia is ‘haemofili’, while the word for homosexual is the very similar ‘homofil’. Copenhagen police found the man dead from a brain hemorrhage at his apartment in Sydhavn less than 24 hours after being discharged from the hospital.

Police are still deciding how to handle the case. They are currently looking for the assailant who smashed the man over the head with a beer glass, but they have not yet contacted the health inspector of Rigshospitalet to press charges against the hospital.

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