Bathing in the midnight sun?

a typical day in NorwayAs June truly gets underway and the sun is increasingly unwilling to dip behind the horizon, Scandinavians are rejoicing at the good weather they are predicted to keep at least for the next week.

Temperatures in southern Norway are due to hover around 30 degrees centigrade next week, and there is no rain in sight, says SikuNews.

“It looks very good, with high temperatures through to Thursday next week,” state meteorologist Oyvind Johnsen told Aftenposten on Tuesday.

Indeed, fire authorities in the area are on high alert for forest fires, which could cause considerable damage if left unchecked. In the meantime, sea temperatures in Oslo Fjord are well above average for the time of year.

Northern Scandinavia can expect rain during the next week; but it will be interspersed with liberal helpings of fine, bright weather.