Norwegians imprisoned in their homes

Norwegians imprisoned in their homes

no place like homeSix counties in Norway will begin trialling a new system in which some prisoners will serve out their prison sentences in the comfort of their own home, their location being monitored with the use of an electronic tag.

According to NRK; Oslo, Hedmark, Vestfold, Rogaland, Troms and Sogn og Fjordane will participate in trials of the new system.

The project is scheduled to being on 1st September this year. To begin, the Probation and Aftercare Service would like 130 prisoners to participate in the project.

According to the Conservative Party, the new programme is a bad idea and the money going into it is better spent elsewhere. The party proposes strengthening the work of voluntary organizations which assist prisoners with their integration into society following the completion of their prison term instead of funding a system which releases prisoners from jail early.

The government of Norway also proposed this week a jail term for those who purchase sexual services from sex workers in the country. Sweden introduced similar laws in 1999 and Norway is now putting an amendment before parliament for approval. If the law passes, it could see more people behind bars, although whether they will serve their sentences in jail or at home remains to be determined.