Icelandic sheep fostering website launched

Online food shopping took an unusual turn this month with the launch of a new website which offers Icelandic consumers both lamb products and the sheep themselves.

The architect behind the sheep-selling website (which means sheep in Icelandic) is Hledis Sveinsdottir. In an interview with local paper 24 Stundir Sveinsdottir said, “Many sheep farmers have contacted me and wish to participate so I’m satisfied with the way it is going.”

Sveinsdottir claims that the website has had a good reception since being launched and thinks there are a large number of people yearning to foster sheep and connect with the countryside. “Now people have the perfect opportunity to reconnect with the countryside,” she said.

The website offers sheep lovers several options, including the ability to foster a sheep on one of two farms on the Snaefellsnes peninsula in West Iceland. The owners are then encouraged to name their animal and are able to use its wool. also offers users the chance to buy a ewe. Relationships with the purchased sheep are encouraged and buyers can visit it on the farm and even hand-pick the ram it will mate with. Meat products from the ewe’s lambs are eventually sent wrapped and ready to eat to the sheep’s owner.

Unlike some relatives, the sheep at even send out Christmas cards, or at least the website does on the sheep’s behalf.