Bush and Rasmussen discuss climate change

Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen has called on the US president to join him in help persuading the developing economies of China and India to become more environmentally friendly by reducing their carbon emissions.

At a recent joint press conference held between the Danish leader and President George W. Bush, Rasmussen said, “We need a comprehensive global agreement and American leadership is needed to reach that goal.”

Rasmussen told reporters at the President’s ranch in Crawford that, “the goal is to get the US, China and India to participate in the follow-up treaty to the Kyoto climate accord, which expires in 2012.”

In December 2009 Denmark will host the next international meeting on climate change. As a result, the Nordic country has become more outspoken on the topic, calling on Americans to reduce their emissions and battle climate change and global warming.

However, by the time of the December meeting, President Bush will no longer be in office, calling into question many of his statements on the issue.

President Bush also spoke to reporters on his meeting with the Danish leader. He said, “We talked about climate change, more than once, as I showed him my ranch and how we’re conservationists in Crawford.”